We are a video production studio based in NYC grounded in fundamental filmmaking principles and a unique editing approach specializing in wedding films.
Our goal goes beyond documenting your wedding on video. We understand the importance of composition and lighting in creating a visual masterpiece. During filming our focus is on capturing genuine, natural moments, recognizing that your wedding day is not a staged performance. You will notice that in our portfolio every film is unique in its stylistic approach. That is because every couple is different, and we strive to make your film custom tailored to your style.
Our commitment to precision and artistry extends to the editing room, where we embrace the founding principle of film editing called montage. Every cut is purposeful, ensuring that each shot contributes meaningfully to the cohesive narrative. An equally important emphasis is also placed on sound design. Every audio track is meticulously handpicked to match the tempo and feeling of the edit. The result is not just a wedding video; it's a meticulously crafted short film that encapsulates the essence, emotion, and timeless beauty of your wedding day. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
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